medical design

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The Architectural study, planning and execution of each project are guaranteed by the specialized Engineers of
medical design. 3D photorealistic models represent every detail of the project, revealing the outcome even from the early phase of designing. A variety of contemporary constructing methods and sophisticated materials, experienced craftsmen and technicians, and also numerous reliable equipment suppliers contribute to achieving performance of the highest standards.

medical design offers:
  • Architectural design of the doctor's office or clinic
  • Facilitation of establishment processes
  • Special equipment
  • Electromechanical engineering and facilities
  • Furnishing and decoration of the space
  • Total supervision of project and operations

Continuous support

The relationship of mutual trust and harmonious collaboration between medical design and the doctor extends far beyond the execution period of a particular project, to a continuous, long-lasting support, so that the doctor can depend on a consistent and credible ally: medical design.